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Although Panama is a relatively small country, there is so much to see and do here. One of the country’s most famous features is the renowned Panama Canal. Visit the canal or go on the famous Embera Tour (inclusive lunch), spend your time touring the Colon or kill time shopping at the biggest Free Zone. If you feeling adventures you can tour the Jungle!


Panama is a tropical paradise that hosts some of the most diverse and exotic species of animals and plants of the planet. Due to its geographical position, the country serves as a biological corridor connecting North and South America.


The Panama Canal is a constructed waterway that connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans across the Isthmus of Panama. It is owned and administered by Panama, and it is 40 miles long from shoreline to shoreline. Ships can cross going in either direction, and it takes about 10 hours to get from one side to the other.

The canal links the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, saving ships from having to travel around South America. A new set of locks allowing even larger ships to passage through the canal were opened in 2016.

Embera Tour

The Emberá are an indigenous people who live near the Panama-Columbia border . There are about 33,000 living in Darién, Panama, and 50,000 in Colombia. Until 1960 most lived in extended family settlements along the rivers. Since the 60s many have moved together into small villages, still along the river.

Jungle Tour

Over 60 percent of Panama is covered in forest, resulting in the largest forest cover of any country in Central America. But that was not always the case. During the period when the United States built the Panama Canal, vast areas of the forest were destroyed, losing essential habitat for many animals whose diets are primarily insect-based. A measureless swamp after annual tropical rains resulted in creating the perfect habitat for malaria-carrying mosquitoes now without natural predators. Today, the forests have returned, along with reptiles, bats, and birds, greatly reducing the threat of malaria. 

To get the most out of a Panama rainforest excursion, join a tour group with professional guides (more on my recommendation below) who will explain the beauty and importance of each animal encountered, all at a safe distance. Panama is a beautiful country, full of nature adventures, great food, and charming villages. Venture outside the “city box” into the natural side of Panama and discover amazing creatures, stunning flowers, and soul-pampering peace.

Colon Tour

The province of Colon is a small Caribbean province in Panama that is rich in history and incomparable scenery.  It boasts the Panama Canal Zone and close proximity to the canal itself, in all its splendor and majesty. The weather is warm with average temperatures from 24C to 30C year-round.

Free Zone Tour

The Colon Free Zone is a free zone that has more than 68 years of experience in world trade, it is the largest zone in the American continent and the main container center in Latin America.

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