Brand New Exotic Destinations From Maduro Travel!

Brand New Exotic Destinations From Maduro Travel!

Ever heard of Abu Dhabi and Dubai? Come on, you must have. Those countries where police officers drive around in Lamborghinis and you can find any random person taking their pet cheetah out for a walk? That bell starting to ring now? Well, it definitely should because these are Maduro Travel’s newest travel destinations!

To say this is not your usual travel destination would be an understatement, wouldn’t it? From taking a city tour of Dubai to visiting the Ferrari Park in Abu Dhabi, you’ll be so wrapped up in the Arabian 1001 night-feel throughout that you can practically see Ali Baba counting his treasure right next to you. They say magic happens outside of your comfort zone and what better place to find magic than the region that brought us genies!

Take a leap on this beautiful new adventure. But fair warning: Your home will forever feel as bland as a plate of cottage cheese after you’ve had a taste of this richly-flavored destination.