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Twente, the Netherland


Accommodate in Twente, the Netherland

6 days / 5 nights

Leu Fo'i Cas 2023 - with Robby Schouten

Leu Fo’i Cas

Join “Leu Fo’i Cas” in this special European Tour in July of 2023. Leu Fo’i Cas will visit Germany. Austria, Zwitserland, Italy, Croatia and France. Travel Europe for 19 days by bus (Leu Fo’i Cas Reizen) and enjoy places you’ve never been before, meet new people and make beautiful memories. Leu Fo’i Cas Reizen Busses are modern and have minibars with an onboard hostess who serves everyone with special care. Choice of music is up to the passengers. Travelling is only done during the day so you can enjoy the beautiful sceneries.

19 days / 18 nights