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Why a Travel Agency is important in 2023!

Why a Travel Agency is important in 2023!

Remember those days before online booking? The days when you couldn’t just simply log onto your devices and book your own travels. Those days before having everything at our fingertips. Those old enough, might remember having to look for a travel agency in the yellow pages to book your trip. Or having to go into the agency office to talk to someone face-to face?

Why would you need someone else to arrange your journey if you can arrange it yourself?

To know the answer, we would have to know the job of a travel agent aka travel advisor:

A travel agent’s job is to make your process of planning your trip easier. They are there to turn your dream vacation into a reality. They will work hard to find the best deals on hotels, flights, and activities that you might enjoy during your trip. For those who like to have everything planned, a travel agent can also help you with an itinerary, so you don’t have to spend last minute of  your valuable time looking for attractions.



Top 5 Advantages of using a Travel Agency:


  • Personal Vacation Consultant:

A travel agency is not only ideal if you want every detail arranged but also if you plan to travel to an unknown destination; they take the stress out of planning the smallest details. Their expertise and knowledge may be useful in preventing possible issues.


  • Traveling after COVID:

COVID 19, and particularly the measurements taken by the government to tackle it as drastically change the way we travel in 2023. Even though many restrictions have been lifted and being vaccinated against the virus isn’t a must, there are still many changes in traveling.

Using a travel agent will keep you informed of the most recent travel-related news, the documents you must complete, and will prepare you for a hassle-free trip. While planning your trip, you can also make use of travel insurance, so you be protected against circumstances beyond your control.


  • Save your time + money:

Everybody makes mistakes – Hannnah Montana.

While exploring tourist destinations, you may fall victim to scams, too-good-to-be-true offers, two-for-one park tickets, and other troubles. A travel agency gives you the peace of mind that everything is legitimate. You may save time and money by having an agent handle all of the planning. No need to deal with wrongful booking reservations.

With leads us to…


  • A personal Back-Up:

A lot can happen during your trip, between flight cancellations, lost luggage, and weather delays. Travel agents help you navigate through these stressful situations. That is why we treat our customers as family; they can always reach their agent in any situation that they think they need assistance in. “Most of my clients have my personal contact information, so they can always reach me, not only in bad situations but also in the moment they need advice.”


  • Payments:

Booking your own travel has never been easier, but not having a credit card or enough money at the time of planning can be discouraging. That is why most travel agencies give you the option of paying in cash or using your debit card. There is also the possibility of securing your spot by paying in installments.

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